Thursday, May 14, 2015

Child of the Universe

The other day, a family came into Tattered Rose for the first time...a Mom & Dad and their daughter, who was about 9 years old.

The fact that I am still thinking about this little girl shows what an impact she had on me...hers was the soul of someone who seemed to have lived decades more than her age (or maybe lived in another time)

She was articulate, mature in an innocent, childlike way and she loved the store. She gently pointed out to her parents items of clothing and art that she found particularly beautiful. Her eyes glanced around the store, soaking up every inch of it and enjoying just being there. It made my heart feel so happy to see this child "get" what my shop is about.

I found myslf talking to her more than her parents because she is one of those "old soul" children you come across now and then who you just want to know better because they are so interesting.
I am certain that if Tattered Rose is still here when she is a young woman buying her wardrobe, she will be shopping in my store because she will remember how it made her feel when she was in as a little girl.

I love children like that....almost makes me wish I had a daughter or two.

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