Friday, March 6, 2015

Tattered Rose "Official" Blog Has Moved

In order to maintain our exclusivity, the official Tattered Rose blog has moved to a new location.  This blog, which was our main blog until March 6, 2015, will remain intact, although most of the posts have been removed.

All new posts and pictures about new arrivals in the shop, new ideas and cat stories, will now be posted on our new blog, which is more private for your exclusive Tattered Rose experience.

We are in the process of sending invitations to all people on our mailing list who read the last newsletter (sent in February 2015) 
If you are a customer and have not yet received your invitation and would like to keep up with the latest news, please send your request to:

.....and we send you the address to our new, more private blog.

Thank you♥

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