Monday, January 6, 2014

The Side Part

Every so often, I will turn on the television or radio just in time to hear a tidbit of info that changes my life in some small way.

So last week, I was taking a break from sewing and sat down to watch t.v. for a few moments...catching the tail end of a makeover segment on Cityline. The stylist mentioned that a lower side part on this particular woman who had been made over, was more youthful.

So naturally, the next day when I washed my hair, I tried a slightly lower side part and although I'm no Lauren Bacall (I bet some of you don't even know who she is) I feel that it looks a lot better on me than where I was parting my hair previously.

When I was younger, I could wear the middle part...which happens to be my favourite. However, since this is no longer an option, all I can do is admire middle parted hair from afar...or on the mannequins in my shop.

I love these side by side comparisons of women with both a middle part and side part:

So, if you wear a side or middle part and want a change...consider side-parting your hair slightly lower so that your bangs sweep across your forehead.  You might like it. There's something so sexy about side-parted hair....don't you think?

    Ciao Bella!

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EarthGirl said...

It's fun to start the new year off and mix things up to change your look. Embracing a new part is a great idea. Adore these romantic and classy photos for inspiration. ❤