Monday, January 6, 2014

The Side Part

Every so often, I will turn on the television or radio just in time to hear a tidbit of info that changes my life in some small way.

So last week, I was taking a break from sewing and sat down to watch t.v. for a few moments...catching the tail end of a makeover segment on Cityline. The stylist mentioned that a lower side part on this particular woman who had been made over, was more youthful.

So naturally, the next day when I washed my hair, I tried a slightly lower side part and although I'm no Lauren Bacall (I bet some of you don't even know who she is) I feel that it looks a lot better on me than where I was parting my hair previously.

When I was younger, I could wear the middle part...which happens to be my favourite. However, since this is no longer an option, all I can do is admire middle parted hair from afar...or on the mannequins in my shop.

I love these side by side comparisons of women with both a middle part and side part:

So, if you wear a side or middle part and want a change...consider side-parting your hair slightly lower so that your bangs sweep across your forehead.  You might like it. There's something so sexy about side-parted hair....don't you think?

    Ciao Bella!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

About Our Hours.....Tattered Rose

♥Our store hours are short & sweet....and we hope you agree....even WE need time off to create new designs for Tattered Rose and perhaps to dream a little♥

Open Wed to Fri 11-4 and Sat 11-3

Thursday, January 2, 2014

There's Something About Wendy

This blog post is dedicated to my friend, Wendy, who lights up any setting in which she may be.  She wears a perpetual smile and makes each person she talks to feel special in a way that is natural, effortless and very endearing.
          (This is not actually Wendy....but she is kinda like this)
I would love for Wendy to be in my life forever because she is so much fun to be around and loved by so many, including me....
But she will most likely be moving away next year to live in a milder place in Canada and while I am happy for her and her hubby, it makes me sad. I think she has had enough of our winters, like most of us. If I didn't have my shop, I would want to move away too.

In life, you rarely come across a person who exudes the kind of warmth, humour and friendship that Wendy gives, let alone be lucky enough to have them as a friend. She has orchestrated dinners out with the girls, had impromptu coffee with me at Chapters, accompanied me to a scary doctor appointment, helped me in so many ways and has shopped in my store many times and brought new people to the store. I can't count how many people she has sent to Tattered Rose over the years...a lot of the time because they admire the Tattered Rose clothing she is wearing.  

Wendy knows what she likes and is very definite about it.  She loves peonies, for example...
Also, she seems to know where to get the best stuff and where the best places to shop, and I have been grateful that she loves my store so much that she tells everyone about it.  Small businesses such as mine need people like her for it is word-of-mouth that brings us the most customers. Wendy is one of those people referred to in the book "The Tipping Point" know, the ones who are the centre of something "big" happening.  They share their knowledge with others around them and their opinions are highly respected and trusted. They are the messengers, in a way. 
                                  (This is neither of us.......but we can always dream it is)
Well, my dear Wendy...wherever you are at this moment, I wish you a Happy New Year and want to let you know that you are missed and will be missed greatly when you move away.

Karen and I will see you when you return in the Spring when we go out for one of our dinners!