Friday, August 23, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Early Fall at Tattered Rose

What do you get when you cross a Victorian cowgirl with Charles Dickens' Miss Havisham...then you throw in a smidge of Gypsy, a Bag Lady, an Urban Romantic Business Woman, a Gothic Witch and for good measure, a hint of Steampunk Vixen?

That's a Tattered Rose customer and she shops at Tattered Rose because she knows that she will always find something beautiful, unusual, timeless and lovely to wear.  She doesn't want to follow the crowd and neither do we.
 Our Transition-into-Fall lineup includes the following:
*extra beautiful scarves & shawls...some tailored, some whimsical and some reminiscent of a Dickens heroine.
*cardigans, sweaters and sweatercoats.....from light to medium weight, in shapes and style to suit anyone's taste
*Dusters....long coats in all sorts of fabrics
*Jewellery befitting everyone from a Victorian bride to a Gothic Princess
*MORE MORE MORE Sympli the Best in the colours you will want to & forever, plus lots of black!!!
*Velvet shawls and clothing....decadent & luxurious
*Cotton & faux linen long skirts & dress for hitching up or letting down (new colours:  dark chocolate brown and black tie-dye!)
.....and much more!
What an exciting time of favourite because you can layer to your heart's content♥ 

Tattered Rose is a very eclectic & unusual shop.....we hope unlike any other you have ever been to....something for just about any woman!

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