Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Glamour & the Outdoors: Photo Shoot at a Victorian House

Recently, Tattered Rose provided the clothing & accessories for a photo shoot at a Victorian house.....right here in Edmonton.  Upon first walking into the home, I personally felt like there were some positive spirits with us (besides the people there to work on the shoot)  The others confirmed this feeling, but by the time the photo shoot was underway, we forgot all about them.

These are a few shots from the photo shoot.....more to follow, hopefully. Such natural, beautful models....thank you ladies for wearing our clothing so well.
Also, thank you to Monika (photographer) for contacting Tattered Rose in the first place.  Your photography is excellent!

Amanda Rose:

Stay tuned for our own location photo shoot happening in a few weeks.
Location:  Fort Edmonton Park
Model:  Amanda Rose to be wearing some of our amazing Fall clothing!!

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