Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Before I lose sight of what Tattered Rose once was, when we were the only store in Winnipeg that sold the type of romantic and special clothing we did...the kind of clothing only seen in Paris VOGUE......that tourists from all over the world said they had never seen such a store anywhere in their travels, it MUST go back to being avant-arde, bohemian, romantic, tattered couture for the romantically inspired.

YES, we will still have the clothing you have come to expect from us...the SYMPLI the BEST, the Cut Loose and a few other more commercial lines of clothing, wearable by just about everyone...BUT there will be more of the UN-expected & the hand-made, hand-dyed bohemian gypsy tattered couture that is loved by our beloved Helena (Bonham Carter) and by Stevie (Nicks) and by the ladies of the Belle Epoque & 1920's periods.

If any of this doesn't make sense right away...it will!  It is difficult to put into words what is inside my head.....visions of clothing designs I have stored for WAY too long and are now ready to come to life.

Stay tuned.............

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