Sunday, December 30, 2012

For the Love of Maine Coon Cats....and all Cats.....and Lace Tops too

WARNING:  This blog entry contains more than one reference to cats......if you do not like cats or would rather read about Tattered Rose stuff, please scroll to the end of the blog entry for clothing related snippets.

We have a tabby coloured cat named Duster, that is probably at least part if not 100% Maine Coon...he is huge and beautiful and looks so much like these cats.  We don't really know his origins because he was rescued from someone who had to give him up.

He bonded with my husband instead of me when we brought him into our home 5 years ago 'cuz he was locked in the computer room with my husband for the first few days so as not to scare our two girl cats.  They are the best of buds......Duster follows me around and likes to be near me but doesn't have the utter adoration for me that he has for my husband.

Oh.....and here is a sneak peek at a few of our Spring items, just arrived:

Muted colours for Spring at Tattered Rose...and for those of us who prefer dark or bright colours, we will always have those!