Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sympli the Best, Edmonton

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Please excuse the blurry photographs....these were taken from the Sympli the Best website:

Tattered Rose has a huge collection of jersey and mesh clothing from Sympli the Best.  We have the BEST (pardon the pun) displays and ideas on how to wear Sympli clothing. For those of you who are not head-to-toe jersey gals, we will show you how to incorporate jersey into your existing wardrobe of wovens and other fabrics.
                          (this is the view across the street from Tattered Rose)
Our shop is located at the base of a condo building in a tranquil, post card-like setting on a beautiful tree-lined street fairly close to downtown Edmonton.....not your average retail location.  When you walk inside the store, you are stepping into a different world......where you can't help but feel welcome.   

We have the expertise of a clothing designer (the owner) who knows fit, what colours & shapes suit each individual woman, who will honestly tell you whether an outfit or garment looks good on you!  And before she says it with words, you will be able to tell by the look on her face:

scrunched up face = not so good
happy, smiling face = fantastic 
puzzled, zombie stare = not sure....maybe try a different colour or size 

If we don't have the size/style/colour of Sympli the Best that you want/need....we will gladly order it for you!
Can't beat that!


EarthGirl said...

Sympli the best Shoppe in Edmonton to purchase these amazing pieces, that is so perfect for travelling the world in. I adore this comfortable, classy jersey collection and the cool ways you can wear these pieces. Dressed down with the jeans and fancied up for the opera. And perfect for those that has to play in the orchestra. This is Sympli the coolest Shoppe in town to get your Sympli amazing clothing. ❤

EarthGirl said...
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EarthGirl said...

With this beautiful snow, it feels like we are inside one of those romantic Christmas cards. Lovely photo Carol!