Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fall Preview: Sympli the Best Jersey at Tattered Rose in Edmonton, Alberta

"Yes, we do know that summer has barely just begun but our minds are already on Fall and the beautiful offerings we have coming in for our customers.....Fall is our favourite season for many reasons but the Fall clothing tops the list!"
As a fan & wearer of Sympli the Best jersey clothing (made in Canada)  I KNOW how versatile, easy-to-wear and fun it is to have in your mix and match as much as your own individual style dictates.
Sympli the Best, the company is not content to rest on it's laurels...they keep adding new styles, trying out new designs and bringing in fresh colours, like this gorgeous merlot colour:

This Fall, the options are so vast and varied that a retailer would have to take out a second mortgage on their house to carry every style, every size and every what we do at Tattered Rose, is select the best of BEST...the styles that will be the most flattering to our customers and the colours that are the most fashion forward while still maintaining the subtle and classic look that Tattered Rose is known for.

And if we don't have the exact style/colour/size of Sympli...we can order it for you.  The bad news it takes 6 - 8 weeks to be produced; the good news is it will be exactly what you wanted...made just for YOU!

We hope that you have enjoyed your sneak peek at our Fall 2012 Sympli the Best, due to arrive in our store some time in July...stay tuned!