Thursday, May 12, 2011

Speaking Out About Unnecessary Plastic Surgery

This blog is mostly about my store...what new clothing and jewellery has arrived in the store, ideas about how to wear Tattered Rose clothing, upcoming events and such; however, I DO show the more personal side of my love for cats and boots and old trucks....because it is a, my store....we are one.

Today, I am expressing my dismay at the sight of Bristol Palin after she has had plastic surgery...supposedly to correct her misaligned jaw.

Look at her "before" picture....a beautiful, young woman with a full face, gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile.  She looks so natural and lovely....simply stunning.

Then look at the "after" picture, after the "corrective jaw surgery".  She is almost unrecognizable, and is no longer the natural beauty...her face looks "done" and her outward appearance depicts someone else...someone whose face is a bit "off"...and I have to say I do not like it.  

I know it is HER face but it is MY opinion that she has taken something beautiful and turned it into something not so beautiful because it is no longer her.  Yes, she is still pretty but where is she gone...the young woman who WAS Bristol Palin?

All of this may seemingly have nothing to do with my store and this blog; however, since I feel that Tattered Rose is about embracing a romantic lifestyle and being beautiful women who are comfortable in their own skin, this really DOES have something to do with it.

I am saddened by society's obsession with youth and the pursuit of perfection, for one thing.  But even more, I am greatly disturbed by the desire of an already attractive person/celebrity to have plastic surgery to theoretically look better, younger, more desirable, more acceptable.  I think it often makes them look worse, not better. At the very least, it changes the way they look and alters our perception of who they are.

When you see a celebrity who has had OBVIOUS work done on their face, such as unnatural plumping of the upper lip, or having their eyes tweaked or their chin narrowed, it is immediately obvious to me.  Their face is not quite natural looking anymore.  I'd much rather see a person look like themselves and/or age gracefully than have them get plumped and injected and cut up to resemble some other person.  I want to see that person as they are...and aging as they should....not become a distorted version of their former selves.

I'm all for doing whatever you can to maintain as youthful appearance as possible sans drastic surgery or injections.  For people who really DO need corrective surgery to feel better about a disfigurement or an overly large nose (for example), it can be a good decision...if all goes well.  What I object to is celebrities (and regular people) who have nothing wrong with their faces choosing to go under the knife and end up looking like someone else.  When they change the proportions of their faces....the ratio of all the parts to each other that make them who they are, they are messing with nature...and usually not for the better.

Below are examples of how surgery changes the proportion and character of the face:
Rupert Everett, Joan Van Ark and Bruce Jenner

The specifics of what they have done is not important.  What matters is that they have forever lost themselves...the way they were, the faces they had that made us love them and feel comfort in seeing an old friend....and for me, it is a sad thing.

*I promise my next blog entry will be about the new arrivals at the store.

Sunday, May 1, 2011