Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Official....Tattered Rose is Moving!

We got the final word yesterday and it is now official.....some time this summer, our new store space is going to be in this condominium building, located on 110 Street, south of Jasper Avenue (on a one way street) It is a charming older neighbourhood across the street from the oldest Catholic church in Edmonton, close to Pariliament buildings, lawyers offices in converted older houses......not too far from Jasper Avenue and only 3 or 4 minutes from our present location.

Above is a "BEFORE" picture of the what will be Tattered Rose's new home some time this summer.  The "AFTER" pictures of the outside of the building will not be very dramatic...I don't think they will want me painting the brick like my current store (shown below)  Of course, the owner of the building where Tattered Rose currently resides knew that at some point he would be demolishing the building so he didn't really care. Can you imagine me asking the condo board if could paint the brick around my store?  

The real difference is how the new store will look INSIDE once renovations are we go again!  Considering that the new store at 1600 square feet is almost twice the size of the current one and to keep myself from being too stressed about this move, I have to look at it as a new chapter in the life of Tattered opportunity to incorporate many of the ideas I have had in the space we are in now, such as:

* a devoted & expanded wedding/special occasion area complete with carpeting!
*a seating area for husbands, boyfriends, guests
*more home decor with emphasis on the eclectic and one-of-a-kind items that are currently only display props that so many of my customers want to purchase
*more display mannequins to properly show off our beautiful clothing and jewellery

We will be notifying all of our customers on the email list once we have moved.  Stay tuned for the latest developments!!

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