Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mother of the Bride & Other Pretty Clothing

For Mothers who want to wear something beautiful & pretty for their son or daughter's wedding....we have some very pretty, non-matronly clothing, dresses and outfits.  Don't expect traditional mother of the bride stuff that you find in mall stores...that's not what we are about.

Who ever decided that Mothers or any woman over 40 had to look frumpy, anyway?  We don't do frumpy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frivolous Fashion or Life Must Go On?

I am in the business of selling, jewellery, accessories....and yet it all seems so unimportant at this moment with the tragedy going on in Haiti.

I cannot bring myself to watch the news clips on television because I fear I would start crying and never stop.  It is heartbreaking, to say the least and I wish that I could afford to travel there and help...BUT I cannot.  I must remain here in Edmonton, hoping that these unfortunate people will get all of the help they need & deserve, while I tend to my shop.  It is how I make my living so as unimportant as it seems right now, I must carry on selling beautiful clothing to my customers.  I must keep on designing the most romantic one-of-a-kind things for people to wear so that I can earn a living.  It is one of those unfortunate dichotomies of life...tragedy & sadness makes you want to stop...but life must go on.  You have to keep going or everything dies.

So, inspite of the sadness my heart feels for the people in Haiti (and other parts of the world where people are suffering) I have to keep up with Tattered Rose and all of the new things arriving for Spring.  It is not easy to be happy about stuff like that when you know that people are struggling with the loss of their loved ones or even just to survive. My prayers are with them.

A double-edged sword for sure!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hummers & Pantaloons

Where have I been, some may wonder?

Theoretically, I have designing up a storm...but that is not entirely true.  I have been trying to get through the winter and have also been recovering from being rear-ended by a Hummer several weeks ago, the driver of which I suspect had been drinking.  I cannot prove it, especially now that weeks have passed and I didn't call the police on the spot; however, I do know that he was driving impaired, and that is why he ran into my Jeep and caused me a lot of physical pain and suffering, not to mention damage to my vehicle...and this was well under 40 km/hr. 

It could have been a LOT worse and in hindsight, I wish I HAD called the police on the spot so that they could test him for alcohol consumption.  I just hope that he doesn't hurt anyone else, or worse cause a fatality....that would be terrible. 

This did not start out as a lecture about drunk driving or driving under the influence but I just want to remind is NOT worth risking lives to drive your vehicle if you have had too much to drink. So please, have someone who has not been drinking drive you to your destination, or get sober before you get into your vehicle.  I will be suffering with a sore back, headaches and all-over soreness for months, but I am one of the lucky ones!!

Well, that is what I have been doing.  I will be gearing up for more designing in the next few come in and see what new things I have created.  Spring arrivals from other designers will also be coming in this week and for the next few months after that....lots of great, urban-romantic clothing and jewellery....and the PIRATE wench tops...they are finally on their way to Tattered Rose!

By the way, last Spring I made myself a pair of grey ruffled pantaloons...and they got so much attention, I made a pair to sell in the shop, even though they take a surprisingly long time to make.  Well, some lucky young woman bought them on the spot because she loved the historical romance of them worn in a modern way.  This week, I created another pair,  in a beautiful vintage grey washed silk...with self fabric bows and ruffled bottoms!  Too cute!