Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overalls are Part of My Soul


For as long as I can remember (back to my childhood) I have loved and worn overalls. They are so much a part of me, perhaps, in part, due to my family's farming background... that I can't even imagine not wearing them forever. And now, I FINALLY have "permission" to wear them out in public....as if I really needed it.

For Spring 2010, my all-time favourite designer, Ralph Lauren, creator of lifestyle designing, has come out with tattered, torn spectacular overalls!!!! How they are styled, with the heels and hats are brilliant! When I first saw these photo's I gasped with happiness!

The picture of me wearing overalls (the one who DOESN'T look like a supermodel...I know, hard to guess which one that is) was taken a few years back when I was living in Phoenix, Arizona with my not-yet hubby, My H. I don't have a picture of me wearing my overalls with my ruffly little blouses and blazer, but this will give you an idea. And this is when my overalls were still new, so they didn't have the holes and frayed edges yet.

I am going to be brave enough to wear my tattered overalls to my store this coming spring! If Ralph Lauren says it's ok, then it must be! Ralph Lauren..I love you! (not in that way!)


Niels said...

Hi Tattered Rose, you really sounds like some of my blog friends, Laury, Maya, Susan/notquitejunecleaver etc. etc. and myself loving overalls so much, that we are organizing an international overalls day November 20, please join us, and I will add you to the list of bib folks !:) and you are welcome to join on facebook or flickr as well, it is so great what Lauren has done for us who wants to relax and be fashionable at the same time ! all the best bibprofessor/Niels

Niels said...

Hi, are you ready to join us on first international overalls day on Friday this week ?