Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wild Kitty

"So...they tell me that leopard print is in again....does it suit me?"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missing You

You know how you always hear the saying, "You don't know what you have until it is gone"? Well, for some time now, that is exactly how I have felt about Winnipeg. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I really do miss having my store in Winnipeg, winters and all! Aside from the (great) restaurants, the B.D.I., the exchange district, The Forks, and the great antiques, what I miss the most is my customers, many of whom became friends over the years. I also miss the two young women who worked with me for the last few years that I was at The Forks. They were not just employees, but were also two of my dearest friends.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when I received a call from one of my longtime Winnipeg customers who, like many others, misses Tattered Rose and all of the special clothing that we carried. This customer, M., is going to the Golden Globes (Los Angeles) in January, and she needs something VERY beautiful to wear....who does she think of? Tattered Rose! Yes, even after all these years, I still get calls and emails from my old customers, whether they are getting married or have something special to go to...they want to wear our clothing. They remember what it was like to walk into the store we had at the Forks, never knowing what delicious item they would covet and purchase, a special piece of clothing or jewellery that would become part of their repertoire.

For some time now, I have been dreaming about taking Tattered Rose on the road, making a trip back to Winnipeg for a 2 day shopping extravaganza. I would bring clothing & jewellery for the Winnipeg customers who miss the store (and me, hopefully) I just never knew how special Winnipeg was until I moved away. I tell my customers here in Edmonton all the time how much I miss my customers, when they ask if I miss Winnipeg.

I'll keep you posted, my dear Winnipeg friends, if I ever decide to bring Tattered Rose back, even if only for a weekend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Johnny Depp...Yeah, He Looks Kinda Weird

I'm not quite sure where I found this image, if it was put together by someone or if this is an actual movie poster for Johnny Depp's movie ("Alice in Wonderland") ...but I though it was rather interesting to see him like this. I like his outfit (with the lace and all)...but I'm not too sure about his face...kind of scary! He is one of my favourtite modern-day actors because his roles are so diverse and interesting and he seems to be a genuinely nice person in real life, a bit eccentric, but in a good way.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Next Pair of Shoes?

I'd like to buy myself a new pair of shoes for Fall, but I can't decide which one of these will make my big feet look the smallest.......such a tough decision.....hmmmm


There are not many things cuter than this kitty asleep on the piano keys! Makes me want to take up the piano.......well, no...not really...maybe get another cat, though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overalls are Part of My Soul


For as long as I can remember (back to my childhood) I have loved and worn overalls. They are so much a part of me, perhaps, in part, due to my family's farming background... that I can't even imagine not wearing them forever. And now, I FINALLY have "permission" to wear them out in if I really needed it.

For Spring 2010, my all-time favourite designer, Ralph Lauren, creator of lifestyle designing, has come out with tattered, torn spectacular overalls!!!! How they are styled, with the heels and hats are brilliant! When I first saw these photo's I gasped with happiness!

The picture of me wearing overalls (the one who DOESN'T look like a supermodel...I know, hard to guess which one that is) was taken a few years back when I was living in Phoenix, Arizona with my not-yet hubby, My H. I don't have a picture of me wearing my overalls with my ruffly little blouses and blazer, but this will give you an idea. And this is when my overalls were still new, so they didn't have the holes and frayed edges yet.

I am going to be brave enough to wear my tattered overalls to my store this coming spring! If Ralph Lauren says it's ok, then it must be! Ralph Lauren..I love you! (not in that way!)