Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fantasy of Grey Gardens

By now, anyone who knows me or has read my blog is familiar with my love of old, decrepit, tattered and torn things.

I found these photo's of set designs from the HBO movie "Grey Gardens" starring Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange, which I have yet to see. My first impression is an overwhelming feeling of "Wow, that looks amazing!", especially the scratchy old paint and the way the painting is just kind of leaning....and the finish on the old piano...oh my!

Now you may think I have gone too far in my love of shabby things, but I want to let you know that I could NEVER actually LIVE in a place like is just fun to look at the pictures, and imagine what the lives of these 2 women must have been like. Yes, I am romanticizing here, but sometimes reality is not as fun.

Just wanted to share these photo's with you. Call me crazy if you will, but I love 'em!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


OK, so if I were a few (ah-hem!)...I said a FEW years younger, I would be wearing the hole-y, ripped up boyfriend jeans so much, I'd wanna sleep in them.
Alas, I will have to leave it for the younger crowd but I have to say one thing...they go SO well with a lot of the tops, jackets and sweaters we have coming for Fall at Tattered Rose!!!
On second thought, maybe I WILL pull out a pair of my ripped-at-the-knee jeans I was wearing about 8 years ago....when I was younger....and slimmer...we'll see! I'm not even sure they fit anymore, but that can be remedied.
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE ripped jeans....they go so well with the name of my store...maybe that's why?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Angels live among us...."look" with your heart and you will see them.