Friday, July 10, 2009


I have decided to once again sell the Sid Dickens tiles (memory blocks, as they are also called) that I have in my shop. Some of these tiles are very retired, meaning that they are no longer being produced and therefore are highly collectible, rare and valuable.

The newer tiles start at $80 and they go up from there, depending on the rarity. I am in no hurry to sell them, since they do become more valuable as time goes by.

The close-up shot of the fleur-de-lis Alchemy tile was produced in the late 90's and retired not long after. They are gorgeous and valuable. I will be parting with one each of the bronze and nickel versions of this particular tile.

I have Sid Dickens tiles in my own home, as well as the store and I just love them! They really do make a wonderful alternative to a picture hanging on the wall.

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bridyyc said...

Hi. Been ages since this post (isn't google wonderful?) but just on the off chance that you were still selling any of your Sid tiles, I wanted to drop you a note. Please let me know if you are.