Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


May you have lots of love and happiness in the new year and always.

This will be my last post of 2009.  Thanks to everyone for reading my blog.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Day

Well, here it is...Christmas morning and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, except for me and the cats...hubby is still sleeping soundly.

This is a good time to reflect on and share with you what Christmas means to me. Since I am not affiliated with any particular religion and do not have children, I can be very clear about this holiday that has been, for centuries I think, designated as the celebration of Jesus Christ.

I have long forgotten about Santa Claus and because I do not have children in my life to keep that myth alive, it is just fine with me. After all, isn't the point of Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ?...whatever day he was born, this is the day that was chosen to rejoice his birth.

It used to be that it was a special time of year, when people were extra kind to their fellow human beings, when church and God and Jesus was the biggest part of the holiday giving was done with care and lots of thought, often lovingly made by hand. Then, somewhere along the way, Santa Claus and the giving of expensive and numerous store-bought gifts became the focal point, and in my opinion, which as you know by now is neither humble nor clouded in mystery, that is when Christmas lost it's true meaning. THAT is when we lost the "spirit of Christmas".

It seems to me that at this time of year most people stress over buying gifts for everyone on their list and how they are going to pay for it all, where to put their visiting guests, what the Christmas meal will include, who will sit where, whose home the dinner will be at, and just a lot of anxiety and disappointment. We search for the spirit of Christmas, the magical way we felt when we were children and we want that again...but it rarely comes to us, at least, not the way we remember it. Is it any wonder that so many of us become a little bit depressed during this time?

And in the rushing around to make sure the kids have the latest video games, toys, and cool clothing and the adults in our lives are given even better gifts than we gave last year....we mostly forget what this is all about, or what it used to be all about. I suppose that being a retailer I should embrace the idea of people spending money and I DO appreciate the fact that each year, my loyal customers come back to buy something special for their loved ones. WHY? Because the ones who purchase their gifts from my shop realize that the woman they are buying something for will treasure that item because it comes from Tattered Rose....and it IS real and given with thoughtfulness and love, and that makes it OK.

I don't promote Christmas like just about every other retailer on the planet....and that is probably what makes me an awful business person. I'm an artistic soul, not a typical retailer but it could be the reason that my wonderful customers keep coming back each year....they know there will be no pressure to buy, buy, buy! They will not be bombarded by Christmas music, there will be no tree, no elaborate decorations and definitely no Santa! But I will try my best to help them find that special gift that will mean the world to their beloved. Maybe other retailers know how to do good Christmas business, I know I sure don't, but I like to think that I make up for the lack of that knowledge in other ways.

I have had some special moments and lots of hugs, cards and even gifts from my customers and THAT more than makes up for the fact that I am not some huge electronics store raking in the BIG money! (although a little of that windfall in my bank account would be nice)

I'm not even sure if all this rambling makes any sense, but I thought I would share my thoughts this morning with all of you out there who grace my blog with your presence. I appreciate the time each one of you takes to read or at least glance through what I have written...and I hope that you enjoy not only the pictures, but also what I have to all comes from my heart.

I truly hope that we can all find a way to incorporate more love, more meaning and more honesty into our Christmases. Gift giving is fine but it doesn't have to be the sole purpose of the celebration. Let's try to get back a little of what we once had before it goes away completely. We should pass these traditions on to our children so that future generations will understand what Christmas is really all about....the birth of Christ, family, friends, kindness, goodness, truth, hope, peace and above all....LOVE!

Merry Christmas to all (who celebrate it) and to all a good morning. Time for me to go and see what the felines are doing....and check on my husband......well, he's still sleeping. Merry Christmas to me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I borrowed this picture from someone's blog...not sure where or who? Chandeliers add instant charm to any decor, but especially French style.

I am in love with the casual sophistication of French decor...the history of each piece exposed in the faded grandeur that once was and still is. The muted and matte shades of browns, cream and taupe, mixed with elements of crystal, such as chandeliers...that is the ultimate in design as far as I am concerned.

"Shabby Chic" has it's suited to a beach/lake house or a home in the southwest USA...and I love that style too. However, French style...even the connotation that "Paris" or "the south of France" evoke an image of a way of life that has been around for centuries. The time-worn, rusted, at one time very expensive items like wrought iron beds...don't they instantly have more charm if they are from France? I think they do.

Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to go to Paris and the south of France one day...until then, I must love it vicariously through books, blogs, magazines and films.

Adorable Furry Felines

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cats.  They are part of my life and I adore them!  I thought I would share a few cute pictures that were sent to me via email.  Are they not precious?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Goddess Coat

As promised from my previous post "The Goddess and Her Jersey Coat"...I am posting a picture of the black Goddess coat.  I have it displayed on a size 4 mannequin (because that's all I have) to show the hood being worn.  But I stand by what I said earlier...this coat and the other style that has no hood, both look fantastic on curvier women too!  I'd take a picture of me wearing my grey one, but I don't want to scare people away!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Challenges of Trying to be a Writer

Hello people. I have tweaked my original post titled "Intellectual Property & Copycats". If you read the original version, I must apologize for my whining and ranting...I think I was in a bad mood that day. My thoughts on the subject have not changed, only the way I have written about them. I have learned from this...a writer (or wanna-be writer like me) should never publish something until they have proof-read, waited a few days, re-read and proof-read again...until what they have written is exactly how they want it to be read.

I do believe that I will take a nap now....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wild Kitty

"So...they tell me that leopard print is in again....does it suit me?"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missing You

You know how you always hear the saying, "You don't know what you have until it is gone"? Well, for some time now, that is exactly how I have felt about Winnipeg. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I really do miss having my store in Winnipeg, winters and all! Aside from the (great) restaurants, the B.D.I., the exchange district, The Forks, and the great antiques, what I miss the most is my customers, many of whom became friends over the years. I also miss the two young women who worked with me for the last few years that I was at The Forks. They were not just employees, but were also two of my dearest friends.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when I received a call from one of my longtime Winnipeg customers who, like many others, misses Tattered Rose and all of the special clothing that we carried. This customer, M., is going to the Golden Globes (Los Angeles) in January, and she needs something VERY beautiful to wear....who does she think of? Tattered Rose! Yes, even after all these years, I still get calls and emails from my old customers, whether they are getting married or have something special to go to...they want to wear our clothing. They remember what it was like to walk into the store we had at the Forks, never knowing what delicious item they would covet and purchase, a special piece of clothing or jewellery that would become part of their repertoire.

For some time now, I have been dreaming about taking Tattered Rose on the road, making a trip back to Winnipeg for a 2 day shopping extravaganza. I would bring clothing & jewellery for the Winnipeg customers who miss the store (and me, hopefully) I just never knew how special Winnipeg was until I moved away. I tell my customers here in Edmonton all the time how much I miss my customers, when they ask if I miss Winnipeg.

I'll keep you posted, my dear Winnipeg friends, if I ever decide to bring Tattered Rose back, even if only for a weekend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Johnny Depp...Yeah, He Looks Kinda Weird

I'm not quite sure where I found this image, if it was put together by someone or if this is an actual movie poster for Johnny Depp's movie ("Alice in Wonderland") ...but I though it was rather interesting to see him like this. I like his outfit (with the lace and all)...but I'm not too sure about his face...kind of scary! He is one of my favourtite modern-day actors because his roles are so diverse and interesting and he seems to be a genuinely nice person in real life, a bit eccentric, but in a good way.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Next Pair of Shoes?

I'd like to buy myself a new pair of shoes for Fall, but I can't decide which one of these will make my big feet look the smallest.......such a tough decision.....hmmmm


There are not many things cuter than this kitty asleep on the piano keys! Makes me want to take up the piano.......well, no...not really...maybe get another cat, though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overalls are Part of My Soul


For as long as I can remember (back to my childhood) I have loved and worn overalls. They are so much a part of me, perhaps, in part, due to my family's farming background... that I can't even imagine not wearing them forever. And now, I FINALLY have "permission" to wear them out in if I really needed it.

For Spring 2010, my all-time favourite designer, Ralph Lauren, creator of lifestyle designing, has come out with tattered, torn spectacular overalls!!!! How they are styled, with the heels and hats are brilliant! When I first saw these photo's I gasped with happiness!

The picture of me wearing overalls (the one who DOESN'T look like a supermodel...I know, hard to guess which one that is) was taken a few years back when I was living in Phoenix, Arizona with my not-yet hubby, My H. I don't have a picture of me wearing my overalls with my ruffly little blouses and blazer, but this will give you an idea. And this is when my overalls were still new, so they didn't have the holes and frayed edges yet.

I am going to be brave enough to wear my tattered overalls to my store this coming spring! If Ralph Lauren says it's ok, then it must be! Ralph Lauren..I love you! (not in that way!)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Tattered Rose has a very eclectic mix of (mostly) new & vintage clothing and jewellery. Since I do some of my own designs for the store, you never know what you will find on any given day.

Throughout the year, I am inspired to create one of a kind items of clothing as well as hand-made accessories. I generally do not post them on my blog since they are so unique, I prefer to keep them quietly waiting to be discovered by my customers.

I do hope that you will make the time to come in and see the many hand-made garments that have been added to the inventory of beautiful clothing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Cute Kitty

Now that I have your attention....the new Transition & Fall clothing has begun to trickle in. By the end of September, the shop will be packed with the most beautiful, wearable, romantic clothing you have seen!!!

Maybe we can even find something for this adorable kitty to wear until her fur grows back!

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fantasy of Grey Gardens

By now, anyone who knows me or has read my blog is familiar with my love of old, decrepit, tattered and torn things.

I found these photo's of set designs from the HBO movie "Grey Gardens" starring Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange, which I have yet to see. My first impression is an overwhelming feeling of "Wow, that looks amazing!", especially the scratchy old paint and the way the painting is just kind of leaning....and the finish on the old piano...oh my!

Now you may think I have gone too far in my love of shabby things, but I want to let you know that I could NEVER actually LIVE in a place like is just fun to look at the pictures, and imagine what the lives of these 2 women must have been like. Yes, I am romanticizing here, but sometimes reality is not as fun.

Just wanted to share these photo's with you. Call me crazy if you will, but I love 'em!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


OK, so if I were a few (ah-hem!)...I said a FEW years younger, I would be wearing the hole-y, ripped up boyfriend jeans so much, I'd wanna sleep in them.
Alas, I will have to leave it for the younger crowd but I have to say one thing...they go SO well with a lot of the tops, jackets and sweaters we have coming for Fall at Tattered Rose!!!
On second thought, maybe I WILL pull out a pair of my ripped-at-the-knee jeans I was wearing about 8 years ago....when I was younger....and slimmer...we'll see! I'm not even sure they fit anymore, but that can be remedied.
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE ripped jeans....they go so well with the name of my store...maybe that's why?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Angels live among us...."look" with your heart and you will see them.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have decided to once again sell the Sid Dickens tiles (memory blocks, as they are also called) that I have in my shop. Some of these tiles are very retired, meaning that they are no longer being produced and therefore are highly collectible, rare and valuable.

The newer tiles start at $80 and they go up from there, depending on the rarity. I am in no hurry to sell them, since they do become more valuable as time goes by.

The close-up shot of the fleur-de-lis Alchemy tile was produced in the late 90's and retired not long after. They are gorgeous and valuable. I will be parting with one each of the bronze and nickel versions of this particular tile.

I have Sid Dickens tiles in my own home, as well as the store and I just love them! They really do make a wonderful alternative to a picture hanging on the wall.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tattered Rose in the News!!

Check out the article on Tattered Rose in the Edmonton Journal, July 7, 2009:
(click on the space below if the link does not show up)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Kitty loves her cats!

This is one of the many reasons that I love cats!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Where's the Groom?

Here comes the bride......
where's the groom? Maybe he's in the church thanking the minister for the ceremony......well, anyway, no worries about being the "belle of the ball" wearing this gorgeous skirt/jacket combo.
Wedding outfit available at Tattered Rose.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the Love of Bears

When I was a kid, I often had nightmares about bears...the big black bears that would be coming to get me, walking on their hind legs, front paws reached out as if to pick me up and bite my head off or something. I would wake up shaking in my boots....ok, I wasn't wearing boots but you get the picture.

The hand-made bears that my friend, Kristina makes and sells are nothing like those enormous, scary creatures that stalked me in my dreams. Hers are cute and cuddly and gorgeous. Here's a picture of one wearing what I would call a vintage-looking bed jacket. Adorable!!

and maybe add a few of her adorable bears to your collection, or start a collection for your children.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Designer Kitty

Whenever I lay out black fabric on my cutting table, my darling little Luna always has to lay on it. It must remind her of her birth mother, or maybe she just really likes the colour black. Of course, when I am doing new designs for Tattered Rose, I don't allow any of my feline friends in the room with me...just in case any of my customers are allergic to cats.

Something old...

Something new....

Something borrowed.....

Something blue....