Sunday, March 23, 2008

Romancing the world one rose at a time!

Well here we are...another day but the first day of my new blog. How exciting to be joining the blog world. In days to come, I will be talking (no doubt) about my shop, my cats, and so much more. In my world, there cannot be too many roses...on clothing & textiles, in art and in home decor.

Tattered Couture will be one of our specialties and as you get to know (and love) the clothing and jewellery that has a faded glory of the past, you too will be a Romantic Gypsy, mixing a few Tattered Couture items into your current wardrobe♥

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Jed said...

I love "Tattered Rose" a great place to shop, brouse and make a wish list. Nice to be able to be a Romantic and dress in style with a flash. Lots of beautiful things to see and chose from. Owner is wonderful, always friendly and willing to help you. Go visit soon and enjoy your day. Betté