Monday, March 31, 2008

Romantic Dressing

No, I'm not talking about what you put on your salad! I'm talking about a way of wearing romantic styles of clothing inspired by the past. I am not a minimalist so show me some ruffles, raw edges, crochet, lace, florals and my heart begins to flutter. Throw in some roses and ribbons and I just can't stand it!!! Well, maybe I can find a way!

I'm mad about ornate details and embellishments, particularly of the Victorian (1837-1900) and Edwardian (1901-1919) periods where the beadwork and seaming and lace and use of fine fabrics were works of art; however, I am also a big fan of the slinky bias dresses and clothing of the 20's and 30's.

So how do you wear this stuff today, when we have to drive vehicles, buy coffee at Starbucks and not look like we're wearing a costume? You wear pieces that evoke the romantic eras of the past, like a ruffled jacket or blouse that you can wear with jeans. Mix it up, be brave and do not ever worry about being the only person to wear something out of the ordinary. I don't know about you, but I have never liked to conform to what everyone else was wearing. I always was different and sometimes talked about (like in high school) but then what do you know? Some time after that, what I was wearing became the "new thing" and I would know it was time to move on to something new.

This is the philosophy I try to bring to my store, Tattered Rose (located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) When I buy clothing or jewellery for my store, it has to appeal to my eye and be something that I would wear. It has to be romantic, of subtle colour and beauty. Many of the things in the store are wearable with your favourite pair of jeans but you can also dress them up with a fab long skirt for an evening out.

So I guess my main purpose in writing this blog is to let everyone who reads it know that it is ok to wear romantic clothing. Mix it up....throw on that ruffled lace jacket with your jeans and motorcycle boots (or heels if that's your style) and just enjoy being a woman. If you get a chance, please visit Tattered Rose (phone: 780-488-1200) might just find that special piece that will get you started on the road to "Romantic Dressing".

So many ruffles, so little time!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Romancing the world one rose at a time!

Well here we are...another day but the first day of my new blog. How exciting to be joining the blog world. In days to come, I will be talking (no doubt) about my shop, my cats, and so much more. In my world, there cannot be too many roses...on clothing & textiles, in art and in home decor.

Tattered Couture will be one of our specialties and as you get to know (and love) the clothing and jewellery that has a faded glory of the past, you too will be a Romantic Gypsy, mixing a few Tattered Couture items into your current wardrobe♥